Firehole Arms

Firehole Arms is a Montana based small arms ammunition manufacturer focused at serving the direct to consumer market.  We hold both Type 7 (manufacturer) and Type 8 (importer)  federal firearms licenses and are utilizing them to bring consumer direct ammunition to market. We have perfected the direct to consumer business model in our other business, Firehole Outdoors (, achieving a worldwide demand and shipping to all habitable continents from our facility in Montana.


What's going on?

We currently have 300K rounds of 9mm ready to roll with another 200K rounds in bound. We are waiting on delivery of components for .223, 5.56, 300 black, .308, and assorted small caliber pistol. Your favorite will be here, in time.

Join the Firehole Mafia!

We are working to expand our offerings and shorten the time to market in our new 10,000 sqft facility in Kalispell, Montana. While we have the 9mm ready to load and additional calibers inbound, we are also determined to stay ahead of supply chain issues. To that end we have created an exclusive, invitation only, offering enabling us to raise capital in a non-traditional way and provide you with a ton of ammo (okay, about 400lbs...), discounts on new offerings, swag, and more. Join the Firehole Mafia Today!


$5,000.00 entitles you to exclusive membership and the following.

  • 13,500 rounds of 9mm* ammunition delivered to your door. This ammunition will be delivered to you in increments over the course of five (5) years.**
  • 1,000 round bonus added to that total for every Mafia member you bring with you.^ If you're reading this, you've been invited. If you send the link to a buddy, you're on the way to a bonus!
  • 15% discount on all purchased ammunition for the same five (5) year period.
  • Cool swag (Firehole Mafia Yeti gear)
  • More cool swag (TechwareUSA, Firehole Arms, etc.)
  • Annual invite to a shooting event with the Firehole Mafia in the Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.
  • Recognition as a Mafia member within the Firehole Arms facility.
  • Lots of fun surprises!

*9mm is the offering at this time. As additional small caliber pistol ammo is offered you may request a caliber change. Such change will be at the sole discretion of Firehole Arms and my incur an overall quantity change based on market and component costs.

**Ammunition and swag to begin shipping by end of Q1 2022.

^ Make sure your invitee puts your name in the order notes!